It’s so good for morale for clients when they realise that others might be aware of the challenges they face

– Social Worker

Thanks again to you all for supporting my clients. Your help has meant so much to them and I see it reflected in being one less thing to worry about, and in their complex lives that really makes a difference.

– Social Worker

Thank you so much for all your help sorting the carpet. We love it, it makes it feel more like home.

– Local Parent
Nominate Thrive North Ox

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The main objective of Thrive North Ox is to provide practical support to children of struggling families in North Oxfordshire who, for whatever reason, have a genuine, urgent need. Usually, this need would be for a specific basic item such as toiletries, a bed to sleep on, basic clothing (that most of us take for granted) or a rug to cover a bare floor following a sudden home move.

Thrive North Ox is in touch with partnership schools’ Parent Support Advisors. As the group becomes more established and funds grow, the aim is to extend the contact to include local nursery school leaders, health visitors, the food bank, women’s refuges, and the children’s centers. The staff in these roles can call on Thrive when they have a specific urgent request – they can request items for the children and Thrive can provide it. Most importantly Thrive will remain invisible to those families it supports, respecting the pride of those that the organisation has been able to help.

The money required to fund this support is generated from local fundraising events.

If you are interested in helping at fundraising events, or learning more about the organisation, Thrive North Ox would love to hear from you – please do get in contact via the contacts page on the website. There is also a JustGiving fundraising page that can be found here, should you wish to help make that little difference that could just have the greatest impact on a child’s life.