Laptops for Thrive

Thrive Northox is able to re-purpose used laptops which we then pass on to children and teens in the OX7 area who are home schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do you have a laptop you no longer use? Find out how to up-cycle it with Thrive Northox by watching our short video here.

Donating your laptop to Thrive Northox

Before handing over your laptop, we need to check a few things and to help us do this, we would like you to take some photographs of your computer and email them to us. Here is a short video on how to do this. Or just keep reading:

Stickers on the front of your laptop:

This one on the bottom right is telling us about the laptop and it is this information we need to decide if we are able to upgrade it.

Stickers on the back of your laptop:

Especially those which start with the name of the manufacturer. The top right hand sticker here is giving information about the Acer it is attached to.

Your laptop will have stickers in different places to the ones shown here. Don’t worry about that, just photograph them anyway and if in doubt, just sent us a picture of all the stickers you can find and we’ll do the rest.

Email your photographs to us

Please make sure the photographs are clear enough for the writing to be readable.

Once you have them, please email your pictures to us at We’ll take a look at them and if we are able to make use of your computer, we will be in touch to arrange for safe collection or drop-off.

Before handover

Your laptop needs to power up when you press the press the On button. If it will not power up, it may be that it needs to be charged if it hasn’t been used in a long time so try leaving it on charge for an hour or two before attempting to power on again. We cannot accept laptops that do not come with a power cable and which do not power up without the cable once charged.

Before bringing your laptop for donation, be sure you have removed all your personal data from it. You will find guidance on how to do this by searching on the internet. Our upgrade process will delete all existing data, files and any installed software. It is a one-way ticket, no data will be preserved.

Finally, we would request that you make the laptop clean and tidy by wiping it over with a screen wipe or with a clean cloth which has been very slightly dampened with water.

Sadly, we cannot accept Apple Macs.